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This section is devoted to understanding the Financial Terms / Jargons better. Everyday in the news and the business news papers we read a lot of terms but fail to understand the true meaning behind them. Sometimes the wrong understanding of the terms leads to making a wrong decision about investing. Through this section we will always try to bring latest topics of discussion and we will try and break down the terms to the basics for better understanding by those who are not from the Financial Markets. There are several presentations uploaded in this section which explain several commonly used terms like PE Ratios, Fiscal Deficit, External Stimulus etc. The presentations aim and making you understand these terms better. You can view the presentations by clicking on your topic of interest.


Financial Planning Process:

You may be confused about how to distinguish Financial Planning from other kinds of financial advice. To help you understand what to expect from the Financial Planning process, CFPCM practitioners follow certain standards - called Financial Planning Practice Standards - when providing Financial Planning advice.

Your Rights as a Client:

Working with a Financial Planner can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for you and your family. If you’ve decided to work with a financial planner, it’s important to understand your rights in this professional relationship.

Common Mistakes in Financial Planning Approach:

The following are some of the common mistakes made by consumers in their approach towards Financial Planning:-
   • Don't  set measurable goals.
   • Make a financial decision without understanding its affect on other financial issues.

Know More about Financial Planning Basics:

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.